An Introduction

For millions of people who have visual impairments, much of the web's visual content is inaccessible. Depict is changing that. With crowd-sourced image descriptions, visually impaired web users have access to more content everyday.

Blind users can install the Depict Chrome browser extension and request image descriptions for the web page they are on. Images from this web page are sent to the Depict website where sighted volunteers can browse and add image descriptions. When the images from a blind user's requested page have been described the image alt text will be replaced with the crowd-sourced descriptions.

Depict is available on Google Chrome. Join our community and start describing images today!

"I want to get people thinking about web accessibility. Depict deals directly with image descriptions, but is part of a much wider conversation."
- Niamh Parsley

The Team

Niamh Parsley, the creator of Depict

Niamh Parsley

Niamh is a UX designer, passionate about designing with purpose and having research to back it up. She is particularly interested in accessibility and inclusive design.

Jason Sanders, the main developer of Depict

Jason Sanders

Jason is a senior software engineer at Google. His current interests in computer science lie primarily in natural language processing and information retrieval.